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Scofa: a sacred cake!

Curiosity Ludivine - stagiaire en communication By Ludivine - stagiaire en communication, the 13 October 2017

Scofa. But, what does it hide behind this mysterious name? Anything more simple, it are the initials of all the present ingredients in this cake. I give some explanation:

S as Sugar,
C as Caramel or Cream according to the versions,
O as Egg,
F as Flour,
A as Almond.

Scofa looks like a mille-feuille. Sheets are made from a covered with meringue dough on which a cream and chopped almonds are arranged. This recipe was created there are about sixty years by a pastry cook of Saint-Maixent. At the time of the retreat, he chose to give up it to the sisters of the Carmel of Niort. The latter since shared her with the monks of Ligugé in 2002, the sisters of the Carmel of Bayonne in 2008 and the sisters of the Carmel of Lisieux recently. This cake pastry received the label " Monastic " which recognizes the quality of the product, developed by people and women committed in the Christian monastic life.
To convince you one more time that it is necessary to taste Scofa, this cake is little calorie. It contains half fewer calories than an average cake store. Then, there is not any more to hesitate!
You can buy this cake in the Carmel of the Mystery Pascal of Niort to Bessines either to the store of Ruralies to Aiffres.

With Scofa, do not go without and summits the gourmands!


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