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Road-trip in motorcycle in the Swamp from Poitou: in the daytime

Experience Jennifer - conseillère en séjours By Jennifer - conseillère en séjours, the 28 September 2018

This week, I suggest you continuing our second and last day of road-trip in motorcycle on Arçais and the South-Vendée.

8 hours: early awakening of the troops. The serious things begin!
We borrow in two wheels our route to join the village of Arçais. We shall cross by height of small villages as La Rochénard, Epannes, Le Bourdet, Amuré and Saint-Georges-de-Rex. We find ourselves on Arçais and, after a breakfast taken in the open-air dance hall at the water's edge where we can crunch our sandwiches of fresh bread accompanied with some famous jam of angelica.

It is 10 am. It is time for us to leave this haven of peace to begin our 10 km hike on the municipality. We squabble as children: will make it we on the march express or quietly? No matter. The important, it is to take advantage of the beauty of places. You will find moreover our entire index cards gone hiking on the site to that you can download free of charge on-line or buy to 0.50 cts of euros parts in our receptions of Niort, Coulon and Arçais.

Our circuit takes us to the port of Arçais which knew an intense trade activity till the beginning of the XXth century. We follow the towpath which goes along the reach where boats slide on the water accompanied with their curious visitors and their boatmen experimented so much in the manipulation of the “ pigouille “ which in the exploit to know them on the swamp. If you wish to stop and to make a small stroll in guided or free boat, find the list of our landing stages on Arçais by clicking here. On this towpath, farms were built in custard tart of cliff.

Let us pursue our hike. We pass in front of the famous cultures of traditional white beans, important in the swamp. The continuation of the route takes us towards the street of the Rabbit warren with its former farm buildings and where, below, we perceive alleys. We take advantage of the heart of the village by discovering the church, the street of the Boatmen, the street of the Port of Cheusse and the path of Bottles. We continue by several paths which make us follow the swamp and pass on the bridge of the Broue. We follow the yellow marking which takes us up to the footbridge of Poissonnet. We end with the road of the “ Vieilles Terrées “. The “ terries “ were small lengthened plots of land, crashed by ash trees and by willows. We cross the secondary road going on Damvix and follow the pedestrian path which goes along the reach of the Cut up to the open-air dance hall where we planned to have lunch.

You want a confidence? In one hour and half, we ended our hike. Is it this peace of mind, this peace and our good mood which made us walk of an assured step? I shall not know how to tell you. In any case, this hike is partially accessible to all even to the small families accompanied with young children. The stroller passes on three quarters of path.

The continuation of our morning does not tell, it enjoys, tastes at the water's edge to the restaurant "La Guinguette du Marais". My friends concern their heart the meal maraichin with famous stuffed inhabitant of Poitou, the ham-traditional white beans and the Catalan cream accompanied by its cake in the angelica. I take advantage of good advice of Séverine to let try by a soup of molds and orange and a turkey brochette accompanied by its rice wipes soya. A delight! I have the approval of my small team and everybody is enchanted with this meal taken at the water's edge.

We resume our two motorcycles to get down to the discovery of a part of the swamp wet and dried out on the South-Vendée. We travel the villages of Damvix, Maillé, Vix, Doix, Saint-Pierre-le-Vieux and Maillezais. Fields as far as the eye can see parade under our eyes. Some small towers of handles farther, we stop our small digestive stroll in the Abbey of Maillezais. We are on time to take advantage of the show "The sailor of the Swamp" which stages famous characters of the abbey. Which beauty to finish this escapade of two days on this majestic site. Every tourist season, the abbey proposes various animations in the day, two shows in height-air of 30 minutes each and guided tours of the site.

My ambassadress's mission of the territory is ended. My friends adopted this territory with the diverse faces and will not miss to mean staying there. Won bet. Certainly, they will return in the Swamp from Poitou!



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