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Road-trip in motorcycle in the Swamp from Poitou: in the daytime

Experience Jennifer - conseillère en séjours By Jennifer - conseillère en séjours, the 21 September 2018

Here are still of very beautiful days which appear at this end of September and I decide to embark my friends on a small trip of two days on the Swamp from Poitou.

The objective: make them discover our beautiful region on one and a half day by traveling the roads of our wet swamp.
Our frames: two capacity of typical 1100 cm3 to scrambler from BMW.
Our objective: cross the swamp in length, in wide and across without losing one second and by devouring the asphalt.

This week, I suggest you sharing our first day in La Garette and in Coulon.

We thus take advantage of our collective craze and our good mood to discover the village of La Garette, the village-street where “maraîchines” houses give onto the street and onto the water. The quiet reign here, people are kind, soothing and smiling. Our frames are tidied up in the shade of trees, near the terrace of the Chantilly. We leave a step assured towards the landing stage of the Ash trees where Viviane, the boss of places, welcomes us warmly. The picnic on the back, we take advantage of this little piece of heaven to have lunch in the shade of ash trees-tadpoles on the picnic area which she proposes friendly to her clientele; the opportunity for us to nibble at a small piece and to discover our regional flavors: stubborn person, stuffed inhabitant of Poitou, terrine of coypu and baked cheesecake. Our table is filled well with good products of our country. It is necessary to us to take strengths, because, behind this gargantuan meal, three hours of reams wait for us!
Our boatman indicates us our starting point, supplies us our plan and here we are left for three hours of musing and total cut with the civilization. We travel reach, channels and conches in a quiet absolute. Only the noise of birds and wind shaking the sheets of ash trees-tadpoles and poplars reminds us that we are not completely alone. And which pleasure to discover this place so particular, but, at the same time, so authentic thanks to this population which knew how to protect these places for several years.
We end our stroll in boat conquered. Conquered, I was her already, but my friends are him just as much and that it is a first victory!

Our day will come to an end to Coulon on quays to taste a small well deserved ice cream. Each returning from his part, the next day, we are going to stay more "down-to-earth" and a hard day waits for us.

The continuation to Arçais and the South-Vendée in our next article!


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