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Richard Texier: painter and world-famous contemporary sculptor

Curiosité Frédéric - assistant base de données et TIC By Frédéric - assistant base de données et TIC, the 15 May 2020

The "wild" child of the Country maraîchin
Born in Niort in 1955 of a Catalan mother and a father, a co-founder of the international festival of painting of Magné, the young person Texier spends his summers in Sables-d'Olonne where his parents hold a general store and its winters in the Swamp from Poitou, in Garette.
The milking of a cow at the end of the day is originally at the age of 9-10 of its artistic calling. The milk of two cans knocked down by the wild child of the swamp got involved in black waters of a conche training as a Milky Way. This picture so activates its desire to create: " I maybe became a sculptor this day by pressing methodically the pacifiers of cows. My recent works owe little to this gélatino-erotic activity. The sensual mystery of the fluid mechanics always inspires the mental activity of the artists ".
Also, the Atlantic Coast with its waves, the foam, the foreshore and storms underlies its art. The ocean is one of central themes of its inspiration: " My painting is a shape of esoteric expressionism, landed material, maritime light ". Until 1989, he uses in his works diverse objects got back on the coast (corroded zinc, drink floated, rusty iron and fragments).
After primary studies at the school Ferdinand Buisson of Niort, he discovers the art in first year of high school thanks to Lagarde and Michard where Yves's Tanguy picture, " In the daytime of silence ", consolidates him in its appetite to paint.
In 1967, he is passionate about the surrealist experiences and realize in 12 years his first paintings in the attic of the family house.
After the High school diploma, he settles down in Paris to study the architecture, sees frequently museums dedicatedly, discovers the primitive and Flemish painting and becomes infatuated with Victor Ségalen and Raymond Roussel. …Read the continuation

Photo Credits: Butte-aux-Cailles workshop, Paris, 1996 (Jean-Marie Del Moral); Nomadic workshop, Ponant shipyard, La Rochelle, 1997 (Brigitte Papot), "Cosmos" of the niortaise residence "Saint-Vaize" (J.-F. Milou, Archiguide Guidearchitecture); Richard Texier in the middle of the film crew of Bengale Production in 2018 (Niort Agglo)


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