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Return of markets for our festive menu!

Family Alexandra - Responsable Communication By Alexandra - Responsable Communication, the 29 December 2017

Return of markets and meeting with Jean-Philippe Vouhé for our festive menu. Maybe you followed my morning visit in markets recently to be lived the implementation.
I also took advantage of it to go to meet Jean-Philippe Vouhé who, for two years, settled down under markets as caterer. Former leader of a gastronomic table “niortaise”, he treats you of his dishes to be tasted at home or on his bench. His inspiration and the products of the market will make up the day slate. He can also cook for your family meals or other one. There is only to announce him your desires and to come to get back dishes! Meeting thus in front of his bench the “Esc’halles Gourmandes”.
I know that he is eager to make appreciate the simplicity and the product. I thus chose seasonal produce which we have all already cooked. I thus had in my basket of winter vegetables (leeks, butternuts and pumpkins), fresh fruit (clementine, pineapple, mangoes, ginger and passion fruits), hazelnuts, some walnuts and of the duck.
I suggest you in this holiday period sharing its look and its small tricks so that this menu delights your papillae and those of your dinner guests! Let us see what he is going to select …

I hand over to him!
Jean-Philippe submits me the idea to realize a softness of butternuts with a small emulsion of leeks. Everybody knows how to make a softness. A dose of crème fraiche for the unctuousness, but its thing, it is to add a dash of oil of walnut to heighten the flavors.
Let us pass then in the main course. The duck inspires him. We shall thus leave on a duck roasted in the honey accompanied with crystallized carrots which I shall also brown with some honey, with some small dice of chorizo. The success of your meat will pass by the low-temperature cooking.
I was going to forget the cheese … Information for the fans, there was not in my basket, but a young very dry and local fumaillou!
A light dessert to end: a small carpaccio of pineapple and mangoes and his coulis of passion fruits. Jean-Philippe advises you to take out the mandolin for fine slices of fruit, what will be even lighter!
Ideas simple, flavourful and easy to redo at home!
We do not have more than to wish to you a good appetite and a good New Year's Eve.

See you next year!


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