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Recipe of the Grimolle poitevine

Experience Ludivine - Agent Commercial By Ludivine - Agent Commercial, the 23 October 2014

When we asked me to write an article for the blog, the idea came to me at once to make a recipe. Amateur pastry cook, it was the opportunity to demonstrate my know-how to my colleagues. There was nevertheless a thing to be found : what to make ?

We are in the season of apples, I already held my main ingredient. On second thought, I remembered myself the name of a cake which the Donjon proposes during its animations : Grimolle poitevine. Having never enjoyed it, I said to myself that it was the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone !

Grimolle poitevine is not the most known for cakes, then here is its story. Formerly, Grimolle was baked of the village, just after the bread when the oven was still hot. The inhabitants found themselves and used the soft heat of the oven to cook their Grimolle. But that's not all. What makes the originality of this cake, it is that it was placed on cabbage leaves during its cooking. These cabbage leaves had beforehand been buttered and the levelled nervures.
The preparation of this pastry was a real moment of conviviality. We tasted then Grimolle with some cider.

Let us pass now in the recipe (very easy to realize, even for the beginners) !

Grimolle poitevine (source :
Setting-up time : 20 minutes
Cooking time : 45 minutes
Ingredients (for 6 people) :

- 7 soup spoons of flour,
- 1 bag of yeast,
- 6 soup spoons of sugar,
- 2 whole eggs,
- 3 soup spoons of oil,
- 3 soup spoons of rum,
- 5 soup spoons of milk (Charente and Poitou, necessarily !),
- 4 apples (of Gâtine naturally !).

Preparation of the recipe :

Mix the flour and the yeast diluted in a little tepid milk, then add the sugar, the whole eggs, the oil and the rum.

Pour little by little the milk to obtain a smooth dough. Peel, empty and cut apples in thick small strips.

Join fruits to the dough and pour the whole into a well buttered cake pan.

Put baking in 180°C (thermostat 6) during 45 minutes.

Let us pass now in the tasting !

We tasted Grimolle with a glass of apple juice home-made. No colleague had ever tasted, and everybody liked : "it is very good ! ", "that looks like a fruit baked in batter but in lighter"... No more doubts, the recipe is a success !


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