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Recipe of a softness of traditional white beans

Experience Alexandra - Responsable Communication By Alexandra - Responsable Communication, the 13 November 2014

When the autumn settles down and when it begins to be cold, I like to put myself in stoves to prepare soups. Often, it gives rise to some grimaces at table, then I try to propose novelties, to vary the pleasures !

I met the producer of traditional white beans of Coulon, a couple of weeks ago, to the market of Niort. It was his last market he told me then I made some reserves. I knew that I intended to have a long moment to shell them… I have not heard about a machine yet allowing to make it in a wink of eye ! Thus a little elbow grease and especially the assurance to be delighted to be able to taste some traditional white beans in the heart of the winter.

Finally, I did not wait for a long time to defrost a first pocket and test a recipe which I imagined and that here is ! A softness of traditional white beans. Easy to realize and especially express.

My traditional white beans being already cooked in a traditional way decorated with some shallots, I simply mixed them with a small bottle of whipping cream (put all the bottle, it will bring more unctuousness) and two ladles of broth, to avoid that it is too thick. Not liking the milk, I did not like either the aspect of my soup. Then, I made burn out some slices of ham of Vendée, in the frying pan, cut in strip, chiselled some stalks of chive of the garden. The whole arranged harmoniously on my softness warmed over a low heat. A small drop of truffle oil to perfume and a small slice of bread of countryside rubbed in the garlic. We’re done !

I was afraid that it is a little bit floury, finally, no ! As a result, small ramekins were fast savoured.

It’s now your turn !

Know that you can also draw your inspiration from two cookbooks, available in the shop of the tourist office, in the street Brisson in Niort. Traditional recipes of our country) and other ideas of soup…

Enjoy your meal !


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