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Rallye-enquête in Niort : The Dragon's Footprint

Family Lucie - conseillère en séjours By Lucie - conseillère en séjours, the 17 September 2021

Are you looking for an outdoor activity to discover the city centre of Niort in all its facets and do you like mysterious investigations?
The soldier and the dragon, Auguste Tolbecque, Bernard d'Agesci, Eleanor of Aquitaine, the chamois and glove factory...

With friends or family, young and old, follow in the footsteps of the Dragon of Niort! He has left us more than one legacy: behind his unavoidable legend lies a well-kept secret. Lola and James invite you to accompany them to find out.
You will start your two-hour tour (3.6 km) on the Place des Halles, and then head for the must-see sites: from the dungeon to the Bernard d'Agesci museum, via the Brèche gardens and the Old Bridges. You will wander through the small streets of the city centre and, on the way, you will be led to look up at the surprising details of the façades that have survived the ages.
You will enjoy this rally-investigation, as it allows you to (re)discover the city of Niort between legends, historical characters and industrial past.

If you are interested in this fun activity, which is accessible to all,
You can find the booklet in the shop of the Comptoir des itinérances de Niort,
at the unique price of 5€ (pen included)


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