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Practise the climbing in Acclameur

Experience Julien - Animateur web By Julien - Animateur web, the 30 June 2015

700 m2 of the wall of rock-climbing, 42 m of length, 16 m of top, 90 constantly evolving ways… Here is for the displays of The Verticale, the climbing wall of Acclameur in Niort. The first time when I came into this room to attend a competition of speed, I was impressed by this immense wall. And I did not have more than a desire, to climb to my turn this Verticale !

On Thursday, June 11th, 2015, I am welcomed by Laurent Revel, person in charge of the Verticale and the sports actions of the Acclameur. He has behind him 15 years of experience of Certificate of State of climbing, trainer and trainer for the French Federation of the Mountain and some Climbing. Laurent has just ended a course with a 4th year of primary school of a school niortaise.

Besides the school, the practice of the climbing in Acclameur is opened to all : clubs of climbing, individual, group, IT, leisure centers, professional preparing competitions… From Tuesday to Saturday, you can thus come to climb to The Verticale, in “moulinette” (the rope already passed in the relay at the top of the way) or in head (the rope is below and it is the climber who takes it at the top of the way by crossing it in one unsheathe during his ascent). If you are a novice, private lessons can be given to you to acquire the techniques of “encordement”, belay… to climb in autonomy.

To develop the practice of the climbing to The Verticale, initiations for every public are going to be organized in July as well as modules "discovery" for the family. An internship for 10-18 years is also planned with 2 afternoons of indoor rock-climbing and 1 outdoor on cliff. The installation of a space block (block which allows to climb without rope over a carpet) is also in project.

And the projects, it is not what is missing ! Having welcomed the Senior French championships Difficulties and Speed, the championship of university climbing… Laurent wishes to welcome the French cup, which groups 500 to 700 climbers ! The organization of a Top of the small climbers either the 6 hours of The Verticale is also in boxes.

Having spoken well, it is time for me having put on slippers and belt and having put at the foot of the wall me. The knot of 8 (which serves to connect the rope with the belt and which is the knot of “encordement” recommended by the federation) returns to me fast in memory. Laurent verifies my “encordement” and I verify that it is ready to belay me. The check of the equipment and the “encordement” is very important !

Magnesia on hands, here I am ready "to swallow" 16 m of wall in “moulinette”. For the first ascent, I use all the grips which I want, I am not limited to a way. A way is indeed associated with a color of grip (for 90 ways of the wall, there are 3 000 in 4 000 grips installed by Laurent and his colleague). Arrived at the top, I sit down in the belt, the feet along the wall and I am allowed come down.

Once on the ground, Laurent suggests me belaying him, to see if he can trust me. The trust in climbing is essential. Self-confidence, and in the other one ! The partner should not doubt the other one once he is on the way. Laurent climbs on a way which I shall make then, and which will be followed by an other one. I make him come down again with precaution. It is good, he trusts me. The last ascent ends with aches in forearm and wrists. Laurent had warned me : 3 ascents, for a resumption, it is sufficient ! My years of climbing to the college are very far…

In any event, to practise the climbing, the Verticale, it is a delight !

Click here to know the current events of The Vertical line in July.


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