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Play smart, play Marais poitevin

Family Julien - Animateur web By Julien - Animateur web, the 24 November 2015

Birthdays, Christmas, Father's or mother’s Day… If as me these occasions are often a headache to find a present, do not move any more, I have a solution. And a local solution ! Indeed, there is a series of board games created by a maraîchin pure origin. Patrick Braud lives in Niort, is a guide at the House of the Marais poitevin and started his business which creates and publishes board games. 2 of his games have for theme the Marais poitevin. I suggest you discovering them.

Vase sacrée - Le Grand Marais

The year 1003. The abbey of Maillezais, which has been dedicated, is built on a rocky spur dominating a vast swampy bay stemming from the former gulf of Pictons. This place of rest for numerous migratory birds where abound shells, shellfish and mollusks of all kinds, the monks do not want it any more. They want to clean up it. They thus get down in the task over the centuries which follow. Very fast the first channels are born, the water passes by there, the mud dries out and is transformed into a very rich ground. The Marais poitevin is being born.

"Vase sacrée - Le Grand Marais" resumes this long page of history in the form of eight scenarios called "acts" which can happen independently from each other. Six have a duration of game of 1h30 among which one to play solo and two have a duration of 30 min. The game can happen from 2 to 4 players, from 8 years.

The purpose of the game is to create a landscape representing the Marais poitevin by putting tiles on which are drawn the pieces of gardens, been in hiding, fishery, etc... You thus enter the skin of a monk to reconstitute the arrangement of the Marais poitevin such as we know it today. A long work of taming of the landscape waits for you !


1930 : After a century of slavery, coypus rebel and escape. You are one of these rebelled but will you manage to survive in the nature ? For that purpose, you’ll have to find food, to make you a shelter resisting the wintry floods, while avoiding finishing poisoned by the local population !

It is a game of approximately 45 minutes, from three to six players, from 8 years (on sale in the shop of the Tourist office).

"Ragondins" is a card game freely inspired by the "Bearded man" (a kind of belote without trump card). You have to make folds without recovering of cards "flood", nor the “poisoned carrot" which penalize you. On the other hand, to get back the food, shelters and to make the last fold give you positive points.

The purpose of the game is to mark most points possible by collecting a maximum of positive cards and a minimum of denials. Usually unwanted in the Marais poitevin, you have to this time make every effort to save your skin of coypu !

Other games

Patrick Braud also created other games such "Hajimé", a game resuming a fight of competition of karate ; "Christophe, Vasco and Cie", a game on the big explorers of the end of the 15th century in which it is necessary to bring back a maximum of wealth ; or still "Deloyal Circus", game in which you have to try to make profitable your circus. All these games and many others else are to be discovered on the web site Jeutuil.

A good way to learn to know the Marais poitevin while having fun !


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