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Places of interest which address as "tu" with stars!

Curiosity By , the 06 July 2018

The famous Green Guide of Michelin has just honored with a star three sites of visit of Niort Agglo. "Interesting", no?
Imagine the inspector of Bibendum, the totem of the travel guide, come incognito and thus received as an average visitor, measuring restlessly, pad in hand and cameras over the shoulder, ways and patrimonial rooms of our beautiful region. It is inflated!

First of all, direction Saint-Hilaire-la-Palud and its park in birds coiled everything against the heart beating of the "Wild Swamp". 
For Francis and Nathalie Hervouet, undertaken station wagon of 17 years of existence already, it is their first star! Strong of his 32000 visitors, the third place of interest of Deux-Sèvres behind the park of the Valley in Massais and Zoodyssée to Villiers-en-Bois, the big open-air aviary is populated with 75 species of birds variegated in relative freedom in a luxuriant harbor of 8 hectares. 
The sworn investigator certainly had to raise the colourful originality of the small sprain in the principle of the site which lists usually only birds perceived in the Swamp from Poitou: a space "World tour" presenting species of the whole world (crowned crane coming from Africa, for example). "Our local birds lose their summer colors. Then, to put a little gaiety all year long, we introduce little by little exotic birds. It is also a way to make go round the world to our visitors" : A forceful argument which makes m … and which the flycatcher "Momo", the mascot of the ornithological park, has to appreciate!

Then, the assessor, armed with courage, attacked the impressive Donjon of Niort, one of the very first French "buildings classified as Historic Monument" in 1840! 
Of entrance, the old lady of a ripe old age - More than eight centuries rather well kept - had to shoot him in the twinkling of an eye the multiyear genealogy of places due to his permanent exhibition "Donjon, 1000 years of history". 
The Donjon is also up to date and can be proud of presenting the current events of the last archaeological finds of the XXIth century! 
As the inspector can write it, the ascent of the spiral staircase of its north tower is worth seeing ". Seen from above, the panoramic landscape stares at the old town in its slightest attires. Vertiginous!

His journalistic journey ends to the museum Bernard d'Agesci, girls' former high school of the academy of Poitiers, which boxed three museums in one on 5000 m2. Seasoned! 
Not the time to give in crows to sweep some look one of the most important museums of the Big French West; his pole Fine arts, his section Natural history and his academy of the school and the educational methods. 
Admiring break in front of the cabinet of curiosities, ancestor of the museum, the big piece of furniture in which the scholars of the XVIth century kept heterogeneous collections there; Here, an artistic cupboard of more than 2 tons, the cave of funny animals.
Agesci is also a hospital. But, the hardened investigator did not fall into the trap because it is in fact about a nursing home for paintings either, more seriously, of the restoration workshop of paintings and graphic arts of Niort bandaging the wounds of works pictorial or graphic of the certified museums " Museums of France " or protected by Historic monuments.

Guide in pocket, cross right now this territory 3 stars!


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