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Party of plants and garden of the Domain of Péré

Nature Julien - Animateur web By Julien - Animateur web, the 10 June 2015

The Party of plants and garden of the Domain of Péré celebrates this year its 20th edition. On June 13th and 14th, 2015, 133 exhibitors will be present to Prissé-la-Charrière. Botanists, nursery gardeners, horticulturalists, creators come from France, from Belgium or from England, will share with you their passion all the weekend. It is THE favourite haunt of the enthusiasts of the nature and the garden ! It is also the occasion to discover the Domain of Péré, usually closed to the public.

Botanist by training, Xavier Bastard de Grisnay organizes the Party of plants and garden since 1996. All year round, he fusses to prepare at best this very appreciated meeting. The event is indeed recognized in all France for 4 or 5 years now. A 2nd weekend in October is even organized since 2003. A request of his botanist friends, for whom the season is more convenient to plantations. A beautiful reward for this enthusiast and his family, owner of the Domain of Péré since 1712 !

Plants of South Africa, collection of peonies, plants carnivores, seeds of flowers and vegetables… collectors and visitors, a wide choice offers itself to you to decorate your gardens. The present professionals will indulge to advise to you and to give you tricks to embellish your flowerbeds.

The Party of plants and garden also gives a good place to the decoration and to the accessories (potteries, sculptures, fishes of ornament), in the well-being (organic knowledges, weaved clothes hand, organic and ecological essential oil) and in the catering (organic teas, syrups, honey, jams of flowers). A real market !

The weekend will be given rhythm by varied animations. You can venture on the basketwork, make products with plants, listen to the melodies of a singer, appreciate the work of a sculpture according to the art Shona… You can also visit the house of the Domain of Péré. The lodging house of the beginning of the XIXth century is built in the location of an appendix of the former castle. It is endowed with a main staircase to flood it, is preceded by a detached house in the shape of dovecote and throne in a wooded park.

The Party of plants and garden, it is the meeting of passionate professionals and loving visitors of the garden in a frame full of charm. You too, go for a ballot, and, fall in love with a nice plant…

Photos credits : Xavier Bastard de Grisnay, Atelier Eco Naturel.


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