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Paddle fitness yoga: to be tested at Niort Plage!

Experience Alexandra - Responsable Communication By Alexandra - Responsable Communication, the 16 August 2019

There are novelties that intrigue. I knew the stand up paddle and this thanks to Niort Plage. I tried it with a preconceived idea: It’s not for me and I won’t be able to keep in balance. Well, I must confess finally, after this first apprehension, the first knee put down, the oar in the right direction and finally the last stage: to stand up, I got there and it’s a real pleasure! It’s time for the hike…

Another course now and a bit more full-bodied, we add the fitness and yoga dose. This is an ideal cocktail for summer…

We start by taking back the basics of the paddle and we add bases of fitness (legs, abs, glutes, arms and cardio). A different feeling from the usual fitness, since you feel the movements of the water. This feeling is a little destabilizing at first, but finally becomes very pleasant with a real feeling of well-being. You enjoy the energy of nature and rejuvenate yourself.
This gives you all the more satisfaction, as we work our muscle building!

A good way to take care of your body gently, so why deprive yourself. Now, it’s up to you to play.

The next sessions are to be discovered here.

Photo credits: Alexandra Bodet - OTNMP and Pixabay


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