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Offer yourselves the Swamp from Poitou from 58 € a person!

Experience Alexandra - Responsable Communication By Alexandra - Responsable Communication, the 19 May 2017

Meeting with Claude Sauvage who testifies of his recent stay in the Swamp from Poitou. She took advantage of a valid offer all year long. Take advantage in you too on the occasion of the next two decks!

Did you already know the Swamp from Poitou?
We had already come discover the Swamp (twice), but we do not grow tired of it. So attractive and restful.
We seized the opportunity of this special offer to be made a weekend not very far from at our home, but nevertheless disorienting.

What did you like during your stay?
We had chosen the formula in 58 € a person. The hotel is situated in periphery of Niort. An irreproachable welcome, a spacious and pleasant room, in the peace after our very busy days. We do not regret our choice.
I strongly recommend the stroll in boat. A particularly interesting guide and we are moreover anxious to congratulate him on the quality of its service! We do not grow tired this at the same time restful and impressive continuous-flow walk. Think that the Swamp from Poitou is the work of the Man always fascinates us.

What would you advise to visit?
We took advantage on Saturdays mornings of the market of Niort and especially its market hall. A real pleasure for eyes and papillae!
Hasten to return for the 4th time, because we have so many things to be discovered!



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