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Nouvelle(s) Scène(s), the rising festival

Experience Julien - Animateur web By Julien - Animateur web, the 18 March 2015

"Offer to people that they do not still know that they wish". It is with this quotation of Jean Vilar that the Editorial of the web site of the festival Nouvelle(s) Scène(s) begins. And it’s what is going to take place in Niort during all the duration of the festival, from 16 till 21 March. Samba de la muerte, Pavane, Loup Barrow, Ropoporose, Jeanne Added, DBFC… These names do not tell you anything ? Don’t worry !
The festival Nouvelle(s) Scène(s) proposes us this year another programming of emergent groups, few or not known for the general public. An eclectic programming which allows everybody to find itself there and to discover new musics. Marion Audineau, the president of the festival and Sébastien Chevrier, artistic director and programme planner, learn us a little more on this rising festival niortais.

Since when dates the festival and which is the concept ?

Marion : The festival will celebrate this year its sixth edition. The concept is to propose an audacious programming and a land-clearer which suggests in to make discoveries and in the emotion, which stimulates the curiosity… Nouvelle(s) Scène(s) favors the accumulation of small places (café-culture, swimming pool, place of worship) rather than a unique stage on a closed site. We reinvent the relation between artists and public. And especially, we apply a mixture between free access and paying entrance. That allows us to touch a varied public who comes to have a good moment and discover new groups. In 2014, we welcomed 6500 spectators, from 14 to 79 years !

How do we get organized to do the programming, find the groups ?

Sébastien : The curiosity, the passion dominate. It is also a work of network. We weave our painting and tighten the ear to have scoop of the listening, the novelties. We spend time in dark rooms, on the French and European festivals. We read, analyse the specialized blogs, the social networks, the print media, the media generally. We have some relations favored with labels, record companies, distributors and agents of artists. We exchange with our counterparts and the time switches of the avant-gardist rooms, those who defend the creation. We became over time pioneering researchers.

What are the examples of groups taken place by Nouvelle(s) Scène(s) and revealed afterward ?

Marion : There is several :

  • Zaza Fournier and Le Prince Miiaou (2009),
  • Hindi Zahra, François and the Atlas Mountain and Lily wood and the Prick (2010),
  • The bewitched Hands, The toxic Avenger and Gablé (2011),
  • Lescop, Michel Cloup, Christine and the Queen and Rover (2012),
  • Granville, Cabadzi, La fine équipe and Fauve (2013),
  • Peter Peter, Feu! Chatterton and Fakear (2014).

How many people works on this festival all year ? The week of the festival ?

Marion : The festival is managed by Nouvelle(s) Scène(s) the association. We are a dozen people to organize in a voluntary way the festival and the actions. Since 2014, we were able to make money to finance a half-time for our artistic director and programme planner, Sébastien Chevrier.
At the time of the festival, around thirty people are hired to make live the event (Road, technician, cook, etc.).

What are the groups to be followed by this edition 2015 ?

Marion : For this edition 2015, I recommend to you:

  • Jeanne Added,
  • Grand Blanc,
  • I Me Mine,
  • Jessica 93,
  • Pavane.

If you had to choose only a single concert during these 3 days, which one it would be ?

Marion : Difficult to choose only one then I am going you to give 2. Jeanne Added to the club on Saturdays evenings and Samba de la muerte on Thursdays evenings in Camji.

What is your best souvenir of Nouvelle(s) Scène(s) ?

Marion : Still so hard to make a choice, I do not really manage to cut thus I am going to tell you Rich Aucouin to the club in 2013 and Stranded Horses in the Temple Protesting in 2011.

Now, do your own programming !


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