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Not to go round in circles, buy “Poitou cube”!

Family Alexandra - Responsable Communication By Alexandra - Responsable Communication, the 11 December 2015

A few days away from Christmas, we are all still in search of the present... We pursue our series of presents original local 100 %!
Here is a which will delight the children (from 10 years) and the biggest, will allow to cross some moments in family around the fir tree. I want to speak about “Poitou cube”, a game conceived by Geste Editions.

Meeting with Yves Besnard, the author of 400 questions of this edition from Poitou
Yves, organizer in France bleu Poitou crossed our beautiful region in great detail. He knows inside out her. Easy for him to put us some glues! What fascinates him, it is to learn in playful mode, to notice it! It is what he suggests to you making …

The game is simple. It is a merry mixture between the game of the small horses and the trivial pursuit at the level of rules. To you the riddles around the heritage, around the gastronomy, around the history, around the geography … Every good answer allows you to replay. No panic, in every question, you have 3 proposals of answer: honestly it helps! The purpose of the game being to make a complete tour to turn to the center of the game board. Things complicate in final straight, where every error pushes back you of a compartment...

We see if you are ready? View this small video to put in the mood you!

And some questions to follow...
We consume me candied or in liqueur, I am a speciality of the city of Niort, who am I?
Under what other name is called the donkey of Poitou?
In the Marais Poitevin, how do we call flat-bottomed boats? 
To Echiré, what product is exported in the world? 
In what city of Deux-Sèvres, takes place every year " the party of the flowery boats "?

Some small photos illustrated to put you on the way in the need …

The maintaining question it addresses Yves and concerns his favorite question or more exactly the most unusual anecdote. His answer: he likes imagining the coming of Buffalo Bill, this mythical character of the Wild West in Poitou with his big circus. Know that he passed by Niort in September, 1905 … You knew?
Yves so much got hooked that he already is slogging away on another cube for spring, 2016 … But, hush! It will mean speaking to us about it. While waiting for if it pleased you, “Poitou cube” are for sale within the shop of the Tourist office.


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