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Not to be lacking this summer: nights told by the landing stage " To Martin Pêcheur "

Family Célia - assistante en communication By Célia - assistante en communication, the 27 July 2017

This week, it is at night that I ventured into the Swamp from Poitou for an activity of the most unusual and mysterious … I speak about the night-stroll " told nights " organized by the landing stage " To Martin Pêcheur " to Arçais throughout the summer. Curious of to know more about it on this trip at twilight at the heart of the Swamp from Poitou, I embarked among the groups and the families of visitors, guided by the boatmen and their pigouille …
After a brief check of the subscribers, we are distributed in the various boats which wait for us along the bank and we sink into conches without knowing what waits for us there.
While the night falls, of strange and charming characters welcome us one after the other on the edge of the bank and even in local dialect to take us by their words towards an imaginary world where get involved princes, ondines and other sprites of the swamp … 
In the twilight, we are guided along with the current by soft eddy of boats and silly stories of the storytellers which lit the banks of Chinese lanterns and flowers to amaze small and big. 
Between laughter and legends of the Swamp from Poitou, it is the meeting rich in feelings that concocted to us the team of the kingfisher, which in the face of their success, proposes these night trips for the 9th year!
Unusual stroll juggling between rustic humor and magic tales so adapted to the children as to the adults, all the family will take height eyes, ears and papillae during these 2:30 am of timeless journey within the protected natural space when is the Swamp from Poitou. 
I shall stop here my narrative, I would not like to reveal all the surprises which the landing stage reserves to you for its next told nights, which will take place on July 27th and August 3rd, 10th and 17th!
You can already join on it with the Tourist office of Niort-swamp from Poitou and find all the box offices by clicking here.


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