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Niort’s walls give colors to the city

Curiosity Alexandra - Responsable Communication By Alexandra - Responsable Communication, the 21 May 2015

The idea of this article came to me by seeing the wall of the primary school Jean Macé metamorphosing day after day…

A growing grey wall taking lively colors. What happens ? Who hides behind this metamorphosis ? Our territory abounds in legends… Had the Fairy Mélusine gone that way ?

I do a little investigating and discover that I attend live in the last work of the festival of street-art well known by niortais, “le 4ème mur”, which takes place since a few years during the autumn.

Eric Surmont, kingpin of the organizing collective of the festival, Winterlong gallery, is at the origin of this project. It is him who puts himself in search of an available wall. It is him who chooses the artist according to the surface too. And it is thus Agostino Iacurci, young Italian graffiti artist, with numerous references worldwide who, the time of a week, between two journeys, realized the sixteenth fresco niortaise.

Simple forms, lively colors, an inspiration come from Sèvre niortaise, an artistic experience shared with the artist and the pupils of 4th year of primary school.

He left and leaves us this beautiful souvenir. Agostino does not like speaking about the meaning of his frescoes. Then, meeting on the site, the street Jean Macé in Niort and let your imagination cavort !

To extend this visit and if graffs interests you, know that we are lucky enough to have an open-air exhibition. Here is an unusual discovery of our city, that I encourage you to make. 15 other niortais walls were already surrounded by graffiti artists. Different styles, to you to make your choice.

Not easy to interpret these works. Visits will be proposed this summer, dates are not known yet, but we shall not miss to inform you via our schedule. In the meantime, you can also contact Agnès Brillatz, guide speaker who proposes thematic visits on the graff according to your request.

Then follow guides ! And make walls !


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