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Niort the nose in the air, it is full of mysteries…

Curiosity Alain - Blogueur niortais By Alain - Blogueur niortais, the 10 April 2014

Look for the inspiration. Look for it still. Not find it. Walk. Raise eyes. Discover a new point of view on a place nevertheless already seen dozens of times and lingering there. Wonder what it is doing there, this big concrete thing...

In the middle of Factories Boinot, a water tower, like that, planted (PHOTO1 – from the right to the left). Has what could he serve? In case of fire? A reserve for the treatment of skins ? I am going to say to myself that it was some drinking water for the workers, why not after all. Ah, by the way, I do not know well the history, so much to warn you at once, I rather tend to invent it...

And if we had a walk like that, the nose in the air through the city ?

That will change the everyday life where we rather tend to look at our shoes...

I leave Boinot and its concreted water tower. And we find ourselves, in the bend of a window of a big building there, we discover a masterpiece, hardly hidden and accessible except opening hours. Who is represented on the canvas ? No matter. I saw him, it was not intended to be observed from the outside, and he is there, only for me. You recognize this place ? (PHOTO2) Go there, for once that we have the right to observe museum pieces feet in the grass...

Crossed of Sèvre without leaving the sky of eyes, it is more interesting than the dry land finally. I missed the staircases of the Halls cathedral, too bad, it will be for next time... The donjon ?? Too high. It is in the pedestrian streets that I am going to find my nuggets. Of the kind which make you ask if you are in the good city... (PHOTO3)

PSG fans are thus right ? Here it is REALLY Paris ? I do not believe in it, and I continue, a little reassured by the presence of this hyphen over my head (PHOTO4), Niort is not thus Paris. But where this sign comes from ? Did the train take place here ?? An air connection between the capital of France and that of the mutual insurance companies ?

All these facades testify of the trading history of the city. Signs are still present, if we make the effort to linger there... Have a look by above, you will have some attractive surprises there... Vestiges of past ? Are you sure ? (PHOTO5-PHOTO6)

And there are heaps of others... We make a pact, try, at least once, to cross in streets, as me, the nose in the air, because the history, we do not learn it only by digging holes everywhere, we can also discover it by looking at top ! And speak to me about your finds ! (PHOTO7)


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This is a topic that is close to my heart... Cheers!
Exactly where are your contact details though?

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