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Niort is a city "Happy" !

Curiosity Julien - Animateur web By Julien - Animateur web, the 06 March 2014

"Because I'm happy " ! Those who have not heard these words recently surely live on another planet. Pharrell Williams’ hit is becoming a truly global anthem. An ode to happiness seeing many remakes of the official clip spread on the web. Niort By Night, a guide to nightlife in Niort, created by Mickaël Hardouin Duparc, alias Micka Plays, living in Niort, organizes this week the filming of the “niortaise” version of the clip. After Nantes, Paris, Toulouse... Niort will also become a city "Happy" !

Begun Monday, March 3, 2014, shootings take place throughout the week (including with “Chamois”) to end Friday, March 7, 2014. All who wish to participate in Niort clip are invited to make themselves known on the Facebook page of Niort By Night. Some shootings have limited access but the last two shootings on Friday are open to everyone. Maximum people is expected to do the "Happy Niort" clip a success. Do not be afraid to awaken the dancer in you ! Even the sun came out of hiding, I wonder if "Happy" does not influence the weather... Clip expected output during March.

The "Happy" phenomenon is the origin of a second project in Niort. Julie Sibieude, 37 years old “niortaise”, created the participatory website. The site's objective is to create a picture gallery of Niort and its surroundings, fed through photos posted on Instagram social network.

How to make your photos back on the site ? First, have an Instagram account. Second, tagging photos with the hashtag #happyniort when you publish. Easy isn’t it ? So don’t hesitate to share your visions of Niort. Each view is different is what makes the diversity of the site.

"Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth"... Come on, admit it now : you also have the song in mind ?

Photos credits : Yacine Ghris
Screenshot : website


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