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Niort, capital of the clowns of the whole world, the time of a weekend!

Family Alexandra - Responsable Communication By Alexandra - Responsable Communication, the 22 June 2017

We waited for them for 2 years. That's it, the D-day arrives finally. The caravan of the clowns crosses the department and our region from the beginning of the month. The clowns land finally in Niort on Friday, at 7 pm. They will be delighted to find you on the route (see plan) and to make you follow the big parade to arrive on the place of the festival, the hill Saint André. It will be around Madam President, Proserpine, who comes to us from Marseille, to make the opening speech of the 8th edition of the very Big World Council of the Clowns.

And there, too pleased to see them again, we shall party in the big village of the clowns till 1 am in the morning!

Resumption of the festivities, from Saturday noon, the clowns will invade the city center to remind us that they wait for us above on the hill and it until Sunday evening!

My knocks of heart of this edition: go to applaud again the Belgian clowns Okidor (from 3 years), Zolobes of Madagascar or more acrid the Left Human beings (rather for adults or children accompanied with more than 7 years), but also to get acquainted with the great Great company which will evolve around a swimming pool or the Argentine Ale Risorio and its suitcase full of toys.

There will be for all the tastes, for the youngs, the biggest of the music, the meetings with "Auguste" of any kind. Make your program by clicking here.

Do not forget your pass festival, it is 5 euros only a person (from 3 years) and for 3 days. It is here to reserve on-line until June 22nd, midnight or on the spot, in the ticket office "Reservations", in the entrance of the village of the clowns.

Do not miss the event!




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