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Niort beach, the beach in the city all summer long

Family Julien - Animateur web By Julien - Animateur web, the 16 July 2014

Niort beach. Since a few days, signs flourish in Niort with this inscription. There would be thus a beach in Niort ? And well would you believe that yes ! Every summer for 9 years, a beach of 600 m2 takes place in Pré Leroy, for the biggest happiness of all those who remain in town the summer. Since July 8th and until August 24th, the City of Niort, the Tourist office, the local associations and the CAN propose you numerous free and paying activities. On the sand, on the ground, on the water, in the air there is for all the tastes !

Let us begin with the activities on the sand because we are in the beach : Beach American football, Beach soccer, Beach tennis, Beach volleyball, Kendo - Iaido, Sandball, Taekwondo, Tennis nerf ball, Ultimate.
Let us continue with the nautical activities : canoe, Stand up paddle board, Kayak, Pedal boat, Rowing.
Then the air activities : Aéro trampoline, air Tour.
And let us finish by the ground activities : mountain biking, Boxing, Golf, wooden Games, Trails round to pony, Gym, Fly fishing, Archery.

To note : Niort beach relocates on the gardens of the “Brèche” on every Friday. A free shuttle in carriage will allow you to move between 2 sites from July 22nd till August 17th.

You do not know what activity to choose ? No panic ! Meeting in the chalet of the Tourist office. Antoine welcomes you there and advises to you from 2 pm till 7 pm. Antoine tested for us the novelty 2014 : the day hike in canoe from Niort to Magné (on Wednesdays from 10:30 am till 6 pm, booking the previous day before 7 pm). He delivers us his impressions :

"For me, who do not often practise canoe, this hike is the best way to ally a day relaxation and sports. It is not useful to have a big sports level but it is necessary to swim and feel at ease on the water. The hike canoe allows to disconnect the time of day while staying in Niort or close to Niort. We find ourselves on Sèvre at the heart of the City and everything so seems far, so quiet. There is just to be allowed carry by the current and give some knocks of paddle.

By borrowing Sèvre, we discover the city and its neighborhood under another eye. Very fast, we are conquered by the magnificent setting which offers us Sèvre. The curiosities do not miss during this day with the resurgence of the Source of the Fishpond shortly before “Pré Leroy” where the water is so clear as it lets us discover the bottom of this arm of river.

The passage in the city center of Niort is a moment not to miss, with the "pass canoe" for those who like running waters and a unique canoe “éclusette”. We get lost voluntarily in the arms of Sèvre which allow us to admire the Donjon or the “Moulin du  Roc”.

Finally, the various picnic areas fitted out on the route are the ideal place to take back strengths and join Magné."

Once income of your stroll in canoe, you can relax in the bar of Niort beach. The “P’tit Square” allows you to take the snack or to have a drink calmly, from 3 pm till 9 pm. The children can also take advantage of an inflatable structure to let off steam. The budding musicians can find themselves to a jam session, every Tuesday of July from 7 pm.

Put on fast your swimsuit, Niort beach does not wait more than you.


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