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Niort beach: guaranteed release!

Experience Amandine - Etudiante en Communication By Amandine - Etudiante en Communication, the 16 July 2015

Not still had the opportunity to test Niort beach... Everybody speaks about it, then I decided to go there too. It is opened since July 10th and until August 23rd. The City of Niort, the Tourist office, the local associations and the Conurbation of Niortais propose numerous free and paying activities. There is for all the tastes and for all the ages!

To you to choose between

·              combat sports: boxing, tae kwon do, kendo

·              water sports: rowing, fly fishing, paddle, canoe, kayak, pedal boat

·              air sports: trampoline, rubber band

·              sports on the sand: beach soccer, tennis ball, beach tennis, basketball, beach multisports …

And many more activities as the archery, the gym organized in Clou-Bouchet, in Pré-Leroy and in gardens of the Brèche, from 2:30 pm till 7 pm.

For me it will be the canoe. I have never made it. Here I am lend to face the challenge. Description of the route (I stay in city center), life jacket, I take up my canoe and now I'm gone. Finally almost! After some knocks of paddle, I understand the functioning. The passage of the first one takes place in canoe is rather impressive, because we quickly set of the speed, but we ask for more of it because it is rather funny in the end. I then tested the landing and the boarding to change banks. And to finish, the éclusette with canoe: to make absolutely! I also appreciated to pass under these bridges which I usually borrow without looking too much …

The canoe was for me the big first one and I was convinced, the hour of stroll initially planned lengthened and I lost track of time, between the discovery of the fauna and the small breaks to take photos. This activity does not ask for specific sports level.

Finally, in the point on the practice, I joined the guided tour in canoe, together with Frédéric, the guide of the Tourist office. Fascinating visit of the continuous-flow city, with a single regret not to have seen floodlit monuments! A little bit badly in arms but the head full of memories, me promises me to return …

And you, you come when?

Information in and program of the summer on
Certain activities must be reserved the day before.


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