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“New Scenes”: in the discovery of new sounds!

Curiosity Arthur - webmaster By Arthur - webmaster, the 16 March 2018

The next week will open the ninth edition of “New Scenes” with for godfather Etienne Daho.

“New Scenes”, what is what?

Every year, this festival invests three evenings niortaises and spreads a dose of novelty on the musical scene. Thanks to a rich programming, each is certain to find what he/she is looking for there; the happiness of discovering new names which schedulers found almost everywhere and which will doubtless be the big names of tomorrow.  

Why we like?

In nine years, “New Scenes” knew how to sit its reputation and the most hardened ears do not make a mistake there, they make the trip.
It is the insurance to discover new artists and new universes. “New Scenes” has no border and the novelty is its only reason for existing. So, the musical styles which you can listen go of the pop to rap via the electro music.
By scheduling concerts in sometimes atypical places, each becomes an experience, a timeless bubble.
Finally, most of the concerts are free and the rare paying events remain accessible.

Etienne Daho godfather of the edition 2018

The first evening of the festival, on March 22nd, will be a white card to Etienne Daho, he will receive three artists that it selected himself: calypso Valois, Lescop and Yan Wagner.

“New Scenes”, it is also …

Since its beginnings, “New Scenes” joined to the Department of Education allowing to bring together the school public and the artists of the festival.
So, from the beginning of the next week, several artists will make in establishments of Niortais to the meeting of pupils, schoolchildren or high school students.

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