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Nathalie's good plans!

Experience Ludivine - stagiaire en communication By Ludivine - stagiaire en communication, the 12 August 2016

And here we are left for a last unpublished number of " as a premises " with to the program Nathalie's good plans!
Nathalie, owner of a bar-pub in the city center of Niort is native of Caen, but it has been now 9 years since she lives in the beautiful city of Niort. 

- Nathalie, before anything else, among the numerous monuments being in Niort, which do you appreciate particularly?

I would tend to say the Donjon of course! But, to tell the truth what I like quite particularly in Niort it is the former doors which are in the city center. I appreciate them just as much as the Donjon for the beauty of the architecture which we voluntarily preserved.

- If I tell you: the market of Halle, in which does it remind you? What can you tell us on this market? 

It is the market which has all its originality and which has a real history. Classified as "Historic Monument", it is a little the cradle of Niort. The atmosphere is there very friendly. Do not miss to go there on Thursdays, the day of the big market and do not hesitate to go to meet local producers.

- According to you, what is the party in not be lacking especially in the area?

It is true that, throughout the summer, the city of Niort tries hard to be active and dynamic by offering us of numerous events and demonstrations which give rhythm to the season. But, I would say that that not to be lacking, it is the national holiday of July 14th and its wonderful fireworks in music, on the esplanade of the Brèche. It is an amazing colored show! 

- Nathalie, a place which you will advise to relax, rest?

I would say in front of the media library Pierre-Moinot. There is numerous low benches at the edge of Sèvre Niortaise. It is a very nice, quiet and restful corner where it makes well walk in family with in addition a fantastic view over the Donjon there. 

- And to end this interview, a culinary speciality which kinks you? 

The duck breast honey and walnut, it is a delight and it is especially a speciality of my restaurant! A perfect agreement to treat your papillae.

Here is the trilogy of " as a premises " is now ended, hoping that it allowed you to discover Niort in a different way and especially tempted you to come on holidays on the territory!


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