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My places preferred in Niort

Curiosity Eva - assistante au pôle communication By Eva - assistante au pôle communication, the 08 March 2019

Newcomer in Niort at the end of 2015, it is a surprise to pass from the countryside to the city. Coming from the very depths of Loiret (45), I came with my family to have a break a little and discover a new region.

The first thing which I made by arriving in this city is to go to visit the gardens of the Brèche, previously fairground in the XVIIIth century, then parking lot in the XXth century and the finally big garden since April, 2013. The square of the Brèche is an inescapable place of Niort today. This one is situated at the heart of the city, between the cinema CGR and the pedestrian city center. It is a place where we can see young people and elderly to come to pass of good time sat on the greenery or simply to play soccer when the beautiful days come, as well as to take advantage of animations throughout the year, then in particular of Christmas or at the approach of the summer.
This square as well as the city center are never inanimate. You will always find something to make for this place! Strewed with stores and with snacks of all kinds, you can have a good time to eat an ice cream when it is beautiful or fuss when the weather is gloomy, to go shopping in city center or still to make its shopping for the Space Mendès-France, because this square is particularly well served by city buses because it serves as bus station, important moving plate of the city and especially as they are free. One thing's for sure, we are never bored instead of the Brèche!

The square of the Donjon and that of markets are the second places which I visited.
There is a Donjon of Niort on the eponym square which is the major component of a former military fortress built in the XIIth century, then the place of residence of the captain of the castle in the XVth century, quarter in barracks and prison of State from the XVIIth century and finally museum from 1896.

Finally, nearby immediate of the Donjon, type Baltard's Halle, finished in 1871, are the most renowned market of Deux-Sèvres. These propose local and regional specialities.



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