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My first time in Niort…

Nature MamzellGwen - Blogueuse By MamzellGwen - Blogueuse, the 07 May 2014

I put down my suitcases in Niort now almost 3 weeks ago. Never I would have thought of settling down there to live there. Niort for me it was just a point on a map : a city of the “Marais poitevin” in Deux-Sèvres. This a little bit mysterious department where I was only crossing as returning me on holidays in the South of France. To leave Nantes for Paris then for Niort was not an easy choice. It is thus the head full of negative prejudice that I walked on the pavement niortais for the first time.

To have even more no image of a sad town, I had not voluntarily looked at pictures of Niort before coming but I admit that I arrived all the same a little bit backwards.

I got off the train one Sunday evening. It made well. The spring appeared. The grass of the “Place de la Brèche” was strewed with tartan rugs and with baskets of picnic. The atmosphere was there good-natured and Frenchwoman. Balloons, Frisbees, laughter... We were far from the city without soul which we had described me. This image already gave me a good impression.

The next days I discovered the city : its pedestrian streets, its old stones and its city atmosphere of the South with its roofs in tiles and its facades in clear limestone. Buildings sheltering the businesses sometimes kept their former registrations adding a picturesque side however for the new niortaise I am. I noticed as well as Niort was not flat ! The old part of the city presents a beautiful made uneven. The sloping alleys are narrow and silent. What is not to displease me.

And then, I finally had time to take out my camera and to let me guide by my steps, the wind in the face under a radiant sun. I took the direction of the Donjon. Impressive curiosity sprinkled right in the heart of the city next to Halls (as amateur of fresh products and premises, it will be the next stage of my discovery !). Finally, it is the edges of “Sèvre Niortaise” that attracted me. These small bridges crossing on both sides of the peaceful island of “Moulin du Milieu”. Through a luxuriant vegetation, we guess impressive buildings which send back a mysterious and bucolic charm. I strolled a long moment near this small island in this perfectly maintained place and in this Sunday afternoon, I met many walkers (lovers, complete families with digestive strolls, parents with children, grandmas walking their doggie, giggling and pleasant teenagers… beautiful confusedly of the local population !). It is an ideal place for a summer walk, I think that I am going to spend some time there.

Of course now I have only a desire it is to explore a little more the city of Niort but also to discover the “Marais poitevin”, to put back me to the kayak, to count daisies on the grass areas of the edges of “Sèvre” or still to watch ducks going here and there for hours !


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