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My afternoon in the Villa Pérochon

Experience Ludivine - stagiaire en communication By Ludivine - stagiaire en communication, the 21 April 2017

If you are a lover of the photography or simply curious, the place which I am going to present you today should please you!
For those who do not maybe know it, the Villa Pérochon became since 2013 the Center of Art Contemporary and Photographic of Niort. It was formerly the family house of the writer Ernest Pérochon which obtained the Goncourt prize 1920 for its novel " Nêne ".
Arrived in front of, we notice a big building, but also sublime sound and immense garden to reach the "villa". The pictures which are exposed in the path of the garden are an invitation to enter this universe and in to know more about it on the artist. We enter then a big gallery of 130 m2 where are permanently explained authors' photos at the ground floor, as well as on the first floor. It is the unique western photographic center of France, then you should not miss that!

Until Saturday, May 27th, the CACP organizes the Meetings of the young international photography. It is an event not to be missed for the enthusiasts of the film or the digital technology! Indeed, 8 young international photographers, in residence, expose their works in diverse places in Niort. This dumping allows to share passion and to know. It is a real cultural exchange with these artists of four corners of the globe, an artistic discovery rich in experience and in emotion, each possessing the own style, the own way it works.

If you wish to go to it also, the Villa Pérochon, located in 64 street Paul-François Proust, is opened from Wednesday till Saturday, from 1:30 pm till 6:30 pm. And in more the entrance is free!



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