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Murder in the Donjon

Family Ludivine - stagiaire en communication By Ludivine - stagiaire en communication, the 26 August 2016

You always dreamed to become a private detective? Your wish can become reality with the game " Murder in the Donjon ". Go into the skin of an investigator and clarify the mystery. Only, with friends either in family, lead the investigation and discover the criminal! At the 0.50-price the notebook, you can find it on sale to the museum Bernard d'Agesci as well as to the Donjon.

The story is the following one: a man was found dead in the Donjon of Niort. A murder has there seems committed and, in the same day, it was a theft by breaking and entering to the museum. Coincidence? Maybe … The concern, it is because this investigation already lasts for 18 months and nobody manages to clarify the affair. That is why this one has just been classified …

But you, you are not the kind to to abandon! That's why you go to play and to clarify the affair which taps the investigators from now on more than year.

Everything begins to the museum Bernard d'Agesci, situated at the top of the Breach. It is over there that we find the first indications as weapons and suspects there. Roam in the museum by following the instructions of the notebook which will be beforehand handed to you and read, please, the instructions. It is necessary to know how to be attentive and open very big eyes, the indications can be everywhere!

Secondly, the investigation continues in the Donjon by making a stopping place in the city center to find an indication there which you will need afterward. Climb on towers, and follow the instructions. You will find certainly indications which will allow you finally to clarify the mystery!

Attention not to consider too fast and to base your answers too quickly …

" It is the serious mistake that to build a theory before having gathered all the necessary materials. It can only falsify the judgment". Sherlock Holmes


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