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Mr loyal's unreachable star

Nature François - Conseiller en séjour By François - Conseiller en séjour, the 19 March 2014

Beautiful eyes with makeup finely black, sleek and rustic, it is on her head she wears her lyre-shaped horns. It has everything to please me... so I go to the village of Bourdet, the conservatory “maraîchine” race. Where cows live a quiet life. Since long I was looking for. It does not offer easily under unknown almost disappeared. This is the turning of a landscape near the village of Bourdet that is his kingdom. This place bears his name : "The path of maraîchine". It is a trail of 1.8 km and 18 hectares of communal marshes.

I begin my visit to the entrance at the foot of the panel, guided by the "cow Mogette". Terminals with games in the form of questions were installed near the boulders. They perform an educational course on the geology “maraîchine” where designers have thought of everything. Every step taken is a million years (it passes through the geological eras gradually as we advance). I press spanning millennia on each bar as a Gargantua on the huge time scale.
Now I leads to a very contemporary gateway. To my right, a tale interpretation merely the story of "The legend of the silver chariot". Intrepid Marquise would ventured on bogs and was engulfed with his carriage and horses...

I am on a path bordered on the left part of various species of plants in wetland. On its right side, immense grasslands that seem to be probably ideal to house what I search ! Besides, I think I see in the distance a few nonchalant forms whose distorted picture by moist heat waves in the distance. Close seems to draw a palace. My heart is racing. I have a few hundred meters to go to achieve the object of my quest.

I continue my journey. Left, I noticed the presence of a bog whose operation was interrupted in 1945. This is the date on which the trains ceased to convey the peat bricks to Niort to warm people or to feed the hearth fire warming stills distillers.

Today it is a protected site it is possible to observe, through a transparent window, from a wooden platform. Phew, I do not will be having the same fate as the Marquise !

Finally I'm with her or not rather it ! In the meadow, the “maraîchines” are several near me. One of them affects me. I am confused about his palace, er no, his shed, which serves as shelter nights without stars.

So I sit there beside my beauty, under an ancient beech, head resting on his most imposing root. I decided to spend the night under the stars with my "Star". The sky has its Milky Way, and I have my “maraîchines”...


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