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Mélusine on the banks of the Sèvre

Nature Céline - randonneuse blogueuse By Céline - randonneuse blogueuse, the 22 May 2020

It is at the start of Echiré that you can go to meet Mélusine. The banks of Sèvre may reveal some magical secrets...
The 12-kilometre walk starts at the Marais relaxation area, first joining the Grande Rue. Quickly, we find ourselves on the paths that bloom the countryside, between cultivated fields and wild flowers. The small hamlets of Peu de Ternanteuil are havens of peace and the stone houses are magnificent.
We reach the foot of the castle of Coudray-Salbart (which opens this day, at 2 pm, to the public residing less than 100 kilometers) by a small road that crosses a meadow where you will surely cross horses that will not disturb you in your walk...
A small stop in the parking lot of the castle, a photo of an old washing house a few steps away and it is on the edge of Sèvre that the walk continues. Here you will certainly see the farmer on his tractor and some cyclists. The path is wide and pleasant, it passes in the middle of the fields (little shade, provide the hat in case of strong heat).
The return will be on the other side, more shady, always along the Sèvre, at the turn some cows in the meadows and even a concert of frogs before joining a stretch of road. Then, the path is more intimate again, do not forget to greet there also the horses that will come without problem to be caressed...
The time to see some magical beings of the forest and maybe even Mélusine, and you will be back at the level of the Marais relaxation area.
Count three hours of walking, a little more if you walk with children (quite accessible), yellow markings visible throughout this hike.


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