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Meeting with Nathalie du Parc in the birds of Saint-Hilaire-la-Palud

Nature Christelle - conseillère en séjours By Christelle - conseillère en séjours, the 20 April 2018

Two weeks ago, accompanied with Angélina and with Alizée, I went to the discovery of a unique site at the heart of the Wild Swamp, in 25 minutes of Niort: the ornithological Park " The birds of the Swamp from Poitou " of Saint-Hilaire-la-Palud.

The sky is grey, " it wet, it is the party in the frog! ", but we are going to be fast warmed by the welcome and the smile of Nathalie Hervouet.

This park, she tells us, is child's dream of her husband Francis, an enthusiast who livens up the groups on the site. It is for two that they dashed into the adventure in 2001. And today, it is 8 hectares which welcome more than 75 species of the Swamp from Poitou.

Here, we discovered a haven of peace, streams lined with old foam covered magnificent ash trees, with raised paths and, of course, the famous birds which we can observe without any trouble, a real pleasure to see them of if near.

In this big space, they are cherished, we forget their captivity as birds it would seem, because even the black stork, which is a sensitive species, manages to reproduce there. It is a big reward for us, is enthused Nathalie, because besides the positive return of our visitors, it brought us a certain gratitude of the ornithological environment.

Just like his owners, the park aims to be joyful, saying that it is possible to make of the seriousness not seriously. Accompanied with Momo the flycatcher, we can learn there by having fun. You will find there:

  • Panels of presentation of animals and modules of initiation into the ornithology.
  • A movie of 20 minutes " The Swamp from Poitou with car of wing ".
  • Treasure hunts for the children according to their age ( 4 levels).

It is necessary to matter 1:30 am for the visit, but you can spend there the day. Several picnic areas are at your disposal. You will also find there a refreshment room, games for the children among goats and hens which cavort, as well as a space restoration in which the team put all its attention.

We are sensitive to the environment, explains us Nathalie, as well as in the quality of what we propose and it finds itself in the plate. We call on to our local producers (that we find on the place mat) who supply us with voucher and freshly. From it, we made a menu typically maraîchin accompanied with wild plants.

To finish, the ornithological park proposes walks in boat with or without guide. Of what well to fill his day.

You understood him, it has a lot to say there and to make here. As for me, I appreciated the warm and friendly spirit of the place and the team. I promises me to return soon under the sun to share all this.

Christelle Bourneau

" Which pleasant visit, in spite of weather more than uncertain. We made the tour of the whole park, without missing a space, by following the " direction of migration ". We quickly forget that the observed panel of birds is in captivity, because, here, they are cherished at the heart of their natural housing environment and enjoy a space of 8 hectares. My only regret: not have made the boat ride proposed by the park. The departure is directly made at the heart of the Wild Swamp and it is certain that the guided tour is worth it! "

Angélina Fièvre

" The frame was first of all exceptional, in spite of the bad weather. I was able to see birds there which I knew more or less, small explanatory panels on their lifestyle were present and the staff is especially fascinated there!
In my opinion, it is one of the visits not to be missed in the Swamp from Poitou! "

Alizée Martin


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