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Mamaaaan! We make what during the holidays?

Family Laëtitia - étudiante en BTS Tourisme By Laëtitia - étudiante en BTS Tourisme, the 24 October 2016

Hey yes, we have all already heard this question, we even sometimes put her when we were younger … Indeed, to occupy his children during Halloween holidays can turn out to complicate. But no panic, I am going to deliver you my small secrets to pass of good time in family and even in the rain. How do you go, then, to occupy your small ends?

To get ready at best for the icy cold of the winter, to spend a good moment surrounded with his family or with his friends, why not to go to the ice rink? A little of exercise while being covered well cannot hurt! Voucher … If you are not very talented as me, it will be with precaution, but it is very nice all the same and what we laugh!

It is not because it is the holidays that we have to learn nothing! Why not to cross a half-day to the museum Bernard d'Agesci or to the Donjon? Hey yes the children, we teach a heap of things to the museum, in more in these you go to have fun and they propose even a snack! Of what make love museums to the children … The organizers are cool and then to discover things while having fun, it is the top! All to museums go!

What little boy or girl does not love Playmobil ®? And even better, who would not dream to see a castle invades these small toys? Well our dream became a reality because princes and princesses are back to show us that is the real life of luxury, and which was the one to Saint-Mesmin. Hardly interesting is not it?

For more ideas and activities, I make an appointment with you in the column " What's to be done during Halloween holidays? ".

Good holidays to all!


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