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Experience Alexandra - Responsable Communication By Alexandra - Responsable Communication, the 07 September 2018

Since the opening of the "Cock to Ane" in 2003, on the municipality of Saint-Georges-de-Rex, right in the heart of the Swamp from Poitou, proposed activities multiplied: hikes in stupid ass, the baptisms with hogback, the animals of the farm, the manufacturing of soap in the ass's milk, the vegetable square, the treasure hunt, the route barefoot ... and the youngest daughter introduced during the summer: the VIP morning in the asinerie. Of what does he consist?

I tested it for you and share with you this experience.

You go to pass approximately two hours together with Olivier, the owner of the place, who is going to make discover you his daily work with animals. Some practical information before throwing you. An adapted holding, high shoes and it left!

First stage: the grooming (kind of brushing). We could think that it will be repulsive, not at all! We see that Queen appreciated. Dust, died hairs and herbs, here is your booty of the moment!

It's the turn of legs: there it is Olivier who sticks to it! An important care, because donkeys evolve on grounds of different natures. Thus it is necessary to watch to remove them the small pebbles.

Then, the moment comes to put the belt: in what sense so that the throat and the croupier are in the good position? It countered simple by saying it, but, in practice, it is not so obvious! It is now done and Mariette will be ready for her departure in hike.

Direction maintaining the field where are stored bales of hay. The site extends over 7,30 ha. Thus we shall cross around 20 enclosures, time for Olivier to evoke us the various races of his donkeys, but also all other purebred animals with wool or nakedly with a particular tenderness as Rillette, the woolly pig. To handle the fork is not easy thing however the city-dweller I am, but, with my accomplice Eliott and his grandma, we arrive there. Donkeys intend us to arrive in quad followed by the trailer and come to meet us. Do you know that the donkey grazes daily approximately 17 hours a day? Once the tour of hay made (approximately 1:30 am of daily work), it is the milking time. Even there, it is Olivier who will make him. An ass gets ready to put low, we ensure not disturbing her. It is necessary to milk twice a day and it is approximately 0.75 liters of milk collected in every draft. We shall have pleasure to taste a small glass of milk before taking him to the laboratory where it will be transformed within the hour.

How to describe you this tasting? At first, a strangely white, even transparent milk and of course hot: 37.8 °. Not being particularly fond of milk, I do not very feel at ease, but I find it rather well and far from the cow's milk.

This milk rich in trace elements has medicinal virtues in particular for the most fragile people, but is especially considered as its moisturizing properties and warns of the skin aging. It is Christelle who will take over for the manufacturing of knowledges in the ass's milk, but, there, it's a different story which I shall tell you!

If this narrative tempted you to live it also, this activity continues until October, on inscription. Click here to know more about it.




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