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Let us walk in wood!

Nature Alexandra - Responsable Communication By Alexandra - Responsable Communication, the 14 April 2016

The second episode of our series dedicated to wildlife parks in this period of school holidays. I take you this week to Zoodyssée, in Forest of Chizé, in 20 minutes of the Swamp from Poitou.

You arrive in the park of the European wildlife, a wooded site of 25 hectares compound of two parks lived by 73 species!

A stroll to make in family with it prospect of beautiful discoveries, because you can approach closely the animals which will be willing to come to meet you. Let us begin by going to the mini-farm. Sheeps, turkeys, pigs, hens, cocks and even guinea pigs … During summer, activities are planned for the children around the feeding, around the touch … You will make maybe as us a small end of path with a peacock who seemed to appreciate our company! We pursue our visit where the enclosure of wolves always makes a lot of effect with the children! The Space Biodyssée was not opened yet: It is it since April 9th! You can penetrate into 3 big aviaries and see our bustard little bustard, a bird of our plains. This park makes a commitment in the preservation of the species and dedicates itself to a program of breeding of the bustard little bustard, but also of the cistude tortoise and the mink of Europe, the first one of the kind in France.

Your stroll will also be decorated by an exhibition of photos of animals. Matter more than two good hours of walking if you wish to make the big route. My children never complained. Always something to see, to read panels, to approach wild boars for them throw of the acorns, to look for the reptiles in the vivarium, to admire the vulture percnoptère, be allowed impress by bisons, to compare the forest cat with our tomcat … Also know that a stroll is possible with the carriage (supplement in the admission ticket).

You can also plan to picnic on the spot. Spaces are fitted out with numerous points of waste recycling. If your children have some more of energy to spare, take to playgrounds and finish your visit by the beautiful exhibition " Hector the dead tree " where they are invited to affect, to open drawers, to answer the diverse questions …

Our day ended with a lot of memories. To you maintaining to create yours!

On the spot, a space of catering with a beautiful view on the pond of otters (formulate in 11.50 € and 7 € for the children) and a thematic shop.

Price of tickets : 12.50€ / adult and 6.80 €/child ( 4-14 years).


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