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Les Halles, " small Rungis " niortais

Experience Alexandra - Responsable Communication By Alexandra - Responsable Communication, the 14 December 2017

Morning awakening on Thursday morning. Direction the market to see what takes place before the arrival of the first customers, the excitement there in fifteen days of Christmas!
It is 6 am, it does still well at night! But, everybody is already well fussed …
I have the impression to attend a ballet … Each on the place, movements are assured.
Certain scoops stop settling down, others still unload trucks, the deliverers participate in go and come.
I discover to the decoration and it is fascinating!
The boxes of fishes and shellfish are in paths. Little by little benches fill and the ice disappears almost under the mountains of scallops (it is the season). The dean, friendly nicknamed so by his accomplices - It is true that his family occupies a bench under Les Halles since 1948! - is ready and even has time for a small photo. At Anne-Marie, we post today's menu, first served coffees.
The butchers and the pork butchers also fuss, the poultry expose themselves proudly. Dried fruits and greedy baskets found their place. It is 6:45 am and the first customers are already there!
I am amazed, but in holiday period, it is from 5 hours when the first sales are made!
I meet Eric, one of the three representatives, present for 4 hours this morning, which explains to me of what consists his work … A representative, it is the man of the shade who watches that there is no grain of sand in this already well oiled mechanics. He manages the estate management, enforces the regulations, organizes the animations and also takes care of the selective sorting of waste. 
It is almost 8 am, the hour for me to darken me and to go to drink a good hot chocolate as suggests him to me the attractive Advent calendar of Les Halles. Everything is in order, I find the market which I usually know. The show will continue till 12:30 am, the hour in which it will be possible to begin to repack while welcoming the latecomers! 


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