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It is organic and it is good!

Nature Eva - Webmaster By Eva - Webmaster, the 09 November 2015

The organic farming is one of agricultural methods which excludes the chemicals of synthesis. She is environment-friendly, but especially men. It allows to produce healthy and quality food for the health. Then, why do not to take advantage of it? I know a good address …

Chaque mercredi, de 16h à 19h, la place du Donjon, en centre-ville de Niort, s’anime et se transforme en marché bio. Viandes, pains, viennoiseries, légumes de saison, fromages et confitures sont au rendez-vous et n’attendent plus que vous ! Environ une quinzaine de marchands permanents exposent leurs produits aussi délicieux les uns que les autres et sont sélectionnés pour leur qualité irréprochable. Voici la liste de ces quelques marchands et des produits que vous pourrez trouver :

On every Wednesday, from 4 pm till 7 pm, the place of the Donjon, in city center of Niort, livens up and is transformed into organic market. Meats, breads, croissants and similar products, seasonal vegetables, cheeses and jams are there and do not wait more than you! Approximately about fifteen permanent traders exposes their products so delicious some that the others and are selected for their irreproachable quality. Here is the list of these few traders and products which you can find:

· The farm produce of Magnatru (veal, lamb, honey)

· Fournambule (bread, brioche, croissants and similar products)

· The gardens of Juille (aromatic plants and seasonal vegetables)

· Traditional white beans and Cie (lenses, knowledges, beer, honey)

· Cécile's farm (snack, pork, bread rolls)

· The Small lovers (biscuits, home-made pastries)

· The sweetnesses of Angéla (pastries)

· The Grocer's shop of the Swamp (fruits, vegetables, cans of food, vegetable dyes)

· organic Bread Grosheny ( bread)

· Pacault Malène (vegetables, seasonal fruits, jams, fruit juice)

· Edging Rodolphe (wooden meat safe of untreated country)

· Huder Zabaleta Asier (eggs of hen of Marans)

· The orchards of Pirouette (apples and apple juice)

· Shaafranière (saffron yellow and small fruits)

Besides having the impression to be in the Aladdin's cave with all these smells and flavors of season which mix, animations come to get involved there and to give a more playful and entertaining side. The children are then going to be able to accompany the parents, because while the big will make their market, youngs can have fun! Initiation and raising awareness into the composting, the workshop of rigologie intended to stimulate the joy of life and the optimism of each, but also demonstrations of gymnastics Chinese as the Qi-Kong either karate Kendo-Iaïdo will make the enjoyment of all the passers-by.

Hurry if you wish to take advantage of it, because this market stops on November 24th, the time of the winter. It will mean taking up the place of the Donjon from March, when the spring will appear.


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