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In the discovery of Zoodyssée

Family Arthur - webmaster By Arthur - webmaster, the 06 April 2018

In about twenty minutes of Niort by car, nested in the middle of nowhere, at the heart of the national forest of Chizé, here is Zoodyssée!

The wildlife park shelters 700 animals, of the wolf in the lynx, including bisons and vultures; each in big spaces close to their natural housing environment. Of what to take height eyes!

Here, you will not see the big animals of the savanna, but rather the species coming mainly from our continent. We shall start by inescapable mini-firm to see if the hens did not lay an egg or to make a caress for goats. Then, having shivered in front of the reptiles, the direction the big spaces! Deers, cranes, ibexes, bisons, lynxes, all are in the heart of a present and plentiful vegetation. A girl pauses in the space Biodyssée where, stealthily, you will cross two wide aviaries, then you will leave to see the vultures, the tortoises cistude, a porcupine, otters …

Matter from 2:30 am till 3 am to visit the park. On the spot, a playground, a picnic area and a snack bar are at your disposal. Finally, the park extends over 30 hectares and can be a little bit long for the children: the reception will propose you strollers in the rent so that they continue to admire animals grow by dad or mom.

The novelties 2018: the moose, the muntjac and the hydrobuddy.

Zoodyssée: a committed zoo

What distinguishes the wildlife park, it is before any the commitment for the conservation and the preservation of the species on one hand, and its commitment in an initiative of sustainable development on the other hand. 

So, in its objective of preservation, three underestimated species are present to Zoodyssée.

The bustard little bustard
This bird is one of more threatened with the plains of Europe. Since 2015, a center of breeding shelters 70 individuals. Inaccessible to the public, you can perceive all the same the center during your progress in the zone Biodyssée. You will also see some individuals in the big aviary of Biodyssée.

The tortoises cistude of Europe
Small tortoise of water in the dark shell, the cistude is an European reptile whom we found in particular on the banks of the Lake Bourget in Savoie. The program to which contributes Zoodyssée is thus a program of reintroduction of the species in its natural environment. So, the wildlife park has for objective to supply about forty individuals in Preservation of the Natural heritage of Savoie.

The mink of Europe
Innovator! Zoodyssée was the first one to set up a breeding academy of minks of Europe in France. The objectives are to operate all the actions for a strengthening of the population of minks and forward a possible reintroduction.

Just like the bustard little bustard, the breeding is not open to the public for sanitary reasons and of comfort of animals. Nevertheless, you can see some specimens within the park.

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