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In Niort and in other cities in France, 2017 is the year Clouzot

Curiosity Arthur - webmaster By Arthur - webmaster, the 17 August 2017

The city so commemorates the 110th birthday of the birth and the 40th birthday of the death of the director Henri-Georges Clouzot.

Niort is its home town where he lived until his 15 years. On this occasion, a retrospective of its work is organized in various places of the city, on the tracks of its niortaise childhood, through its movies.
I chose to enter " interactive Clouzoscope ". The association of Matthieu Tercieux, digital artist and of Sam Quentin, plastics technician video director gave birth to this visual and sound device.
Everything takes place in the Detached house Stéphane-Grappelli. We cross a black door and directly, in the twilight, we move forward to a wall of images and sounds of the movies of Clouzot.
The program lasts 12 minutes and livens up according to the position which adopts each, only or in several, the movie grows rich and we become an actor of Clouzot. At first enthused by the playful side of the device, we begin afterward to want to create its own extract in sounds and embellish with images which seduce us.
Clouzoscope is only an example among the organized animations on this matter:

The exhibition of photos of shootings

Nested in a public garden, dive into the realization of the movies of Clouzot thanks to a selection of photos of shooting. Public garden Henri-Georges Clouzot (in free and free access).

The commented Route: H.-G. Clouzot, a childhood niortaise
Pierre Renverseau, comedian and director niortais, takes you on the tracks of the childhood of Clouzot in the streets of Niort. Last route on Saturday, August 19th, at 5 pm and 20 hours (free on reservation in 05 49 78 74 11). Here is moreover an extract:

"Interactive Clouzoscope" and exhibition are opened until August 31st.

The universe of the director pleased you? You can also test our hike - game "On the tracks of a dark secret of family" in the streets of Niort where you will still learn little on Clouzot and on the city of Niort. All the information by clicking here.


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