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In May, make what you like!

Nature Magalie - responsable du pôle accueil By Magalie - responsable du pôle accueil, the 22 June 2018

By beautiful Sunday, we decide in family and between friends to take advantage of the swamp of Arçais. We thus rent canoes to play the adventurers. By precaution, I recommend you to reserve. The bit extra if you rent as us the half-day, embark the picnic because fitted out areas are proposed right in the heart of swamp.

At first, we put back to us a plan of the circuit which we shall have to follow and life jackets (compulsory for the children) are supplied to us.
First stage side discovery: the loading. Observe an absolute rule: to take a stand one after the other, otherwise everybody falls into the water! 
After a departure without fear, the girls are outstripped by the boys. Thus, we force on arms to catch up them (not without giggles!). 
But, the hunger watches, the stopping place is imperative and, upon the bend of a “conche”, we discover delight the area fitted out by the landing stage: tables, benches in the shade and high poplars wait for us! It is the Holy Grail for the children who are going to be able to unwind legs. The place is bucolic and invites very gladly in the nap, but the swamp calls us! 

We resume our route and navigate in the wild swamp of Arçais. Heron and coypus accompany us in our trip.
The boys doubt nothing and dash for a fire on the water! Well, a flammette seems emerged, but, if you really want to see this phenomenon, I advise you the stroll in traditional boat with boatman.
The time passes by between two giggles and two knocks of ream. Not to want to damage banks by ruling out us with a blow of ream, we "paid" of our person: ash trees-tadpoles, which line conches, friendly tickled us arms and legs. There were only pros in our group!
The four hours crossed very fast. The end of the circuit allows us to follow the towpath which leaves since the port and to perceive the houses of the very typical street of the Rabbit warren.
The day ends around a well deserved meal.
To make and to redo!


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