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In La Foye-Monjault, the Negro party

Curiosity Alexandra - Responsable Communication By Alexandra - Responsable Communication, the 11 October 2019

Did you know that our territory was a famous wine area? That the wine produced was on the table of King Francis I? Hard to believe today… And yet there was a vineyard about 15 kilometres from Niort.

It is in La Foye-Monjault, small town of 750 inhabitants located southeast of Niort. It is hard to imagine when looking at the current landscape: plains and woods. Well in the thirteenth century, it was a huge vineyard, classified as ordinary wood of the AOC Cognac.
The area was prosperous, the wine famous and sold at good price. Rabelais alluded to it in his "war picrocholines".
It was also on the market of La Foye-Monjault, the large wine market in the Saintonge region, that the price of wine and the hectare of vine was fixed every 25 October.
Everything changed with the crisis of phylloxera in 1878. Eight years later, the vine had given way to breeding on land that had become cheap. Wine was replaced by milk, which is still very present in our economy.

The GAEC des Bois had the good idea to revive a part of the history of the Fayais by planting again in 1999 the black grape "La Négrette" on 33 ares.
For fourteen years, organized by the Association des Fiefs viticoles, a wine and terroir festival is held in October in memory of this market of yesteryear.
See you this Sunday, October 13, in the Monacalis room, to taste (with moderation!) this vintage of the ancestors with the accents of violet and red fruit. Come and applaud the winner of the local wine contest and enjoy all the products of this wine and terroir Festival.


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