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In January, crown of the kings, we do not grow tired of it!

Family Alexandra - Responsable Communication By Alexandra - Responsable Communication, the 08 January 2016

The festivities are not ended yet as long as the Twelfth-Night pancake was not degustee. Here, we speak about brioche or about crown. The ardent supporters of the almond paste will also find what they are looking for!
But, let us return to our brioche!
We share it traditionally the day of Epiphanie and throughout January.
But do you know why ? Click here to know the explanation.
My little gift of this beginning of year it is the quite simple recipe which I propose you in video please! Click here to view it.

To honor our local speciality, forget these mentioned candied fruits. It is the moment to take out your angelica of the cupboard either to get you in our stores of regional products. You need for it of the crystallized angelica. For those who discover, you will be amazed by the strength of its flavor. Of nice little hold of angelica will come to decorate your brioche which will have to leave some room with the crown.

Enjoy your meal

Photo credits: Jacky Jousson illustrator (umbelliferae), Philippe Wall CD (field of angelica and crystallized stalk) and Tourist office Niort-Marais Poitevin ( brioche-like crown)


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