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In Easter, chocolate eggs arrive

Family Julien - Animateur web By Julien - Animateur web, the 02 April 2015

Easter arrives ! And naturally we think of all of the chocolate sweetnesses which we are going to taste during the weekend and the next days. If "bells" were generous...

Did you already ask yourselves the question to know where from came the custom to offer some chocolate and more particularly eggs ?

Obviously, we think of the religious traditions, the symbol of the egg as the emblem of the fertility, the life, the revival… In the 13th century, the first painted eggs appear. And in the course of the centuries, they grow rich of precious stones and other ornaments, as Fabergé's eggs for example. It is also the food which it was forbidden to eat during the Fast. That's why, Easter Sunday, we collected all the eggs laid to distribute them to the children, who decorated them.

It is only for the 19th century that the first chocolate eggs appeared, thanks to the development of working techniques of the dough of cocoa but also to the tin of copper or tinned iron which will diversify more and more.

Let us see closer these small tins which make us salivate of desire and let us push the door of the chocolate maker Laurent Cathala. He welcomes us in his new shop nicely decorated with his new creations. Look at Lily and at Jim, these adorable two bees, either his other creation, nameless at the moment, fallen from another planet !

While staying up his preparation in his laboratory, he speaks to us with passion of his job, the real pleasure he has to imagine new subjects, desserts, macaroons (his Web site is Everything is said or almost because he is also inexhaustible on the origin of his products.

A fascinating and greedy appointment, that I wished to share with you !

And to finish, Easter would not be Easter without a small eggs hunting ! Then here are for you my good plans :

  • In the Castle of Coudray-Salbart to Echiré, from 4 till 6 April,
  • To the Museum Bernard d'Agesci in Niort, April 5th.

Hey ! Run now !

Sources : Wikipédia, linternaute,

Photos credits : Pixabay, Office de tourisme.


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