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Immediate boarding for a guaranteed disorientation

Family Alexandra - Responsable Communication By Alexandra - Responsable Communication, the 10 August 2018

Sometimes, it is not necessary to make many kilometers to disorient, make beautiful meetings and go out of its everyday life. I take you in the Swamp from Poitou. Strange however Niortaise I am! We do not necessarily take time to visit what surrounds us closely. Very it's a pity, I grant you that. Then, let us test together activities which seem to us familiar with another look: that of the visitor who looks of the unusual, who wants to educate himself or who simply wishes to settle!

Here we go! Destination for a stroll in boat, flat, put on the pack saddle, it is how you want! It is common, you will tell me, unless you make it for the dawns, when the fauna wakes up slowly, the morning mist becomes blurred and gives way to majestic sets!

Other choice and it was mine: the stroll at the time of the apéritif. The swamp finds its peace of mind, the evening light settles down and sublimates the landscape, without forgetting the tasting of local products by way of apéritif! 

Another proposal quite so tempting: strolls told in the evening. A magic moment! The night falls, Chinese lanterns arranged on banks light you. Be allowed embark and tell the short histories of the swamp by characters who will penetrate the landscape: a bracket timeless and marked with poetry.
That it was for the intimist version. Now, if you welcome of the family, the cousins during the summer, go to play Indiana Jones of the swamp. 

I advise you to challenge them and to propose them a treasure hunt in boat. Matter 2:30 am at least for the budding adventurers. It will be a question at first of establishing the teams, of taming the boat, the reams and of finding the good rhythm! Open the eye to answer the riddles. Some easy questions, others more complicated. In any case, guaranteed giggle and little gift to remember for the victorious team.
It was my knocks of heart to share. All the information and practical details here (from the page 16 to the page 19) for those who want to know more about it. I am ready to bet that this enchanted episode made you travel!


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