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I made out a will for you: the stroll gyropode Segway® with Mobilboard™ Niort

Experience Arthur - webmaster By Arthur - webmaster, the 30 March 2018

It is in the first day of the spring which Benjamin Papot had invited us in a discovery of the enjoyments of the stroll it gyropode Segway®.

Gyropode? Segway®? What is it?

The gyropode is a small electric vehicle on which we rise up and which stabilizes alone thanks to a gyroscopic system. Very handy, little noisy and non-polluting, it is a new mode of innovative travel.

According to machines, the autonomy varies from 20 to 40 km and the speed is restrained in approximately 6 kph allowing to be legally considered a pedestrian during its use.

Segway® a mark is. It is the first mark of having marketed a gyropode. It is the leading brand on this market and the unique supplier of Mobilboard™ Niort today.

The first impressions

A little wrinkled at the time of giving a leg up "and with an annoying trend to look at its feet instead of looking at right front. We get his bearings finally very fast. The device is very reactive and maintains us straight ahead in the slightest movement. Every movement is natural and it is what also explains that we adapt ourselves to it in so little time. For those who are used to practising the ski, they will find some similarities in the postures and the reflexes. Finally, we feel safe and comfortable in about ten of minutes. 

How's that work?

The gyropode it is very simple!
To move forward, we bend slightly forward. To slow down, stop or even move back, we bend slightly behind. Finally, to turn, it is enough in the same way to carry the weight of the body to the right or to the left also by pushing handles towards the desired side.

Where to practise him?

As from this Saturday, Benjamin Papot will welcome you to Coulon and Niort for the Swamp from Poitou. Miss's departures are also planned.

Stroll of 45 minutes at 2 am from 25 € a person.

Possibility of rent of the alone device for the holders of the Segway® Advance User.

All the information and the address and phone number by clicking here 


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