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How well prepare his hike bike …

Nature Alexandra - Responsable Communication By Alexandra - Responsable Communication, the 24 August 2018

Our territory lends itself completely to beautiful bike rides: more than 300 km of ways marked out about circulating of village in village, add to it made uneven zero and you have all the ingredients for beautiful family strolls.

Before leaving, some advice:
- if you are tempted by the cycle touring, what implies to ally sport and tourism, do not be too ambitious! Installed well on your saddle, do not try to swallow kilometers by walking straight. Take advantage in admiring the landscapes which surround you and especially choose routes in agreement with your physical abilities. For that purpose, before traveling, get yourselves in the Tourist Office of Niort-swamp Poitevin the jacquette bike to direct your choice.
- Remember yourselves, an exit of two hours on our flat grounds is already a good compromise.

Other advice which are imperative:
- Verify your material and for it appeal to our renters of bikes, who will be of good advice.
- Choose, please, your route, roads away from main roads for more safety.
- Never leave without a small provisioning (drinks, appetite suppressant), otherwise the distances can seem very long!

If you are in search of more performances, lengthen the distances gradually at every exit and once dash loan.
It is the case of two couples, friends native of Dunkirk which we met. Monique, Jean-Michel, Sylvie and Erwan are "cyclists of Sunday" as they define themselves. Nevertheless, him dashed a beautiful challenge to take a vacation differently. Parties of Caen, they join La Rochelle by borrowing Bike Francette.
We were able to exchanged with them during their stay in the bed and breakfast "Reeds" to Coulon. Meeting around a very copious breakfast to begin well the day!
We have already seen him previously, but they confirmed it to us: do not make too long exit by imposing you too much effort. The endurance will come by pedalling and your performances will come from day to day.
To help you bestride the bike, they promise you experiences and fabulous meetings, many shaded areas (essential at the moment), are anxious to reassure you on the signalling system and the small part of road shared (which is indicated well) and swear only by the certified accommodations "Welcome Bike" to whom they find a privileged welcome.

Then, convinced? You are ready?



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