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Homemade Christmas decoration to have stars full eyes!

Family Audrey - conseillère en séjours By Audrey - conseillère en séjours, the 15 December 2020

The Christmas holidays are just around the corner! Time to prepare the tree, hang up the lights, decorate the windows and finish the list with Santa!

Maybe you’re out of inspiration to take care of your children? Well, this is a family activity! It will indeed take an adult to handle the cutter at the beginning.

You will therefore prepare a star in cork to hang in the fir tree or a handle: a small suspension made in house and giving room to your creativity!

To do this, you need: cork plugs or similar (about 10. We always have a few of them lying around), glue or a fixing glue, a cutter to cut the plugs and a ribbon or string. If you don’t want to keep the rustic look of cork, you can paint the corks with a little paint or nail polish that you don’t use anymore.

Start by halving the plugs. Place them to form a core of 7 half-plugs.
Once this core is formed, stick them together.

You then add a first series of branches here in blue:

Stick it all together. Don’t hesitate to let it dry a little before continuing, especially if you don’t have a quick grip.
Once this is done, we begin the second and last round to finish the branches in green:

When the glue is dry, paint one side of the star and let it dry. For the other side, you can paint it in another color. Personally, I stayed on beige.
All that remains is to surround the star with a ribbon or a string. You have to follow the plugs to bring a little link.
When you get to the end, leave a gap between the ribbon and the cap. This will allow you to pass the string that will be used to hang your work in the tree.
And that’s it! Without counting the drying time, it will take 30-40 min to realize the star.
Tip: If you don’t want to hang it in the tree, you can arrange them on your Christmas table.


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