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Hiking around Maillezais

Nature Céline - randonneuse blogueuse By Céline - randonneuse blogueuse, the 27 August 2020

It is in the Vendée, but still in the Marais Poitevin, that I invite you to hike today.
The start of this family hike (11.5 km for 3 hours of walking) is facing the church of Saint-Nicolas, in Maillezais, very nice exterior building and quite sober inside, along the D15, for 1 km (caution, watch out for cars).
You then follow a small, very green path that runs along the Jeune Autise canal, you evolve in nature, in the middle of trees and cross many small buildings, old houses of fishermen (?), left more or less abandoned… Maybe with the good times their owners will come back.... There is even an old sheepfold, very beautiful, which offers us a nice view from its window. I ran into a couple of goats who couldn’t get close. They were attached: mistrust despite everything if you walk with young children.
As you approach the aqueduct of Maillé, you cross the canal to take a road (it is also a bike route) to return to your starting point. Here again, a few small houses (open and inhabited on this side of the canal) where one feels that it is good to live, a corner of “end of the world”, far from the cities…
At the end of this road, you will find the road for a little less than 2 km, with a picnic area on the right and especially the abbey of Maillezais when arriving in the village. You can eat on the spot and, if you feel like it, take another tour in the marsh, but this time by boat. You can then reach your starting point. Yellow markings throughout the hike, no technical difficulty.


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