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Hike on foot and by bicycle!

Experience Ludivine - stagiaire en communication By Ludivine - stagiaire en communication, the 29 June 2016

To go hiking on foot? Ludivine made out a will …
An air bubble, a feeling of escape, a discovery … It is exactly what I felt when I tested for you this hike “maraîchine” pedestrian where the water is in the center of all the ways! It is in this bucolic frame of the wild swamp, between green lentils, conches and white ways that this stroll takes you around the village of Saint-Hilaire-la-Palud. On the way, we make it beautiful meetings: the famous Donkeys of Poitou and cows “maraîchines” which live on the wild lands of the wet swamp take time to observe you of the corner of the eye.
This hike about two hours will make the happiness of those who like finding themselves in contact with the nature and who look for a little of tranquility. During this walking, we can only admire the surrounding beauty of the swamp, its small footbridges and its plentiful vegetation. Walker in the soul or in search of a simple stroll in family, it is the hike which you need. An ideal walk which promises you an assured moment of relaxation!

You prefer to pedal? Eva is going to advise to you …
You prefer to pedal rather than to walk? Circuits bike are not lacking on the territory. Be allowed concern in the course of the Green Venice, on the plentiful meeting of green landscapes, the fauna of flora with how alone noise, the wheels of your bike the ground! 
A circuit particularly means a lot to me, because it mixes bike and discovery of the wildlife parks. From Saint-Hilaire-la-Palud to Arçais, via Le Bourdet and Saint-Georges-de-Rex, you will discover it villages extremely beautiful “maraichins”. This circuit appears in a beautiful buckle of around thirty km.
Do not hesitate to have a break to take time to admire this nature so restful. But, it is still better to set one moment to stop in the inescapable of this circuit as the ornithological Park " The birds of the Swamp from Poitou " where you will maybe have the opportunity to hear the bangings of beak of the white storks. Do not resist to enjoy on the spot David's cooking with the organic products of his garden. You will be cheered up for the continuation of the stroll!
Then, direction Le Bourdet! You will pass on the Path of the “Maraîchine” which consists of an academy of the “maraîchine” cow, the educational route on the “maraîchine” geology, as well as of a botanical path.
Second wildlife park on your road, in the village of Saint-Georges-de-Rex. Here, you will discover the world of donkeys in a western universe in particular a symbolic animal of the territory: the Donkey of Poitou! 
And to end, if you were going to eat a good ice in the port of Arçais? Girl village recognized " Small City of Character " for remarkable built historic, rural and urban sound, as well as its natural heritage. A place orders where it is pleasant to put itself in the shade of an ash tree-tadpole and to contemplate this unique landscape. 

Do not forget to be careful! The helmet use is deeply advised. I drive to the right. I respect the traffic rules. I verify the state of my bike (brakes and lighting). I stay on the marked out paths. I respect the swamp, the sensitive and classified site.


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