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Hike by bicycle, my favorite route!

Nature Arthur - webmaster By Arthur - webmaster, the 15 September 2017

It is true that we like traveling the Swamp from Poitou in boat, points of view are totally different from those whom we can know when we are by car or even on foot! But, we often forget that we can discover just as much these corners of greenery and tranquillity by bicycle.

I chose to discover the small village of symbolic Sansais-La Garette of the Swamp from Poitou.

The route starts by the white paths where we pedal surrounded with cows and horses away from roads and from any traffic. We so gain the municipal: these swamps were formerly the meat safe of whole villages and were sometimes source of deep tensions between nearby municipalities!

Today, you will meet rather some fishermen occasionally or pheasants and other things still.

By pursuing our route we arrive Home of the Horse where we can have a break within this big riding school where you will maybe have the opportunity to see evolving horses and riders on various routes.

Our stroll continues in paths all so green and soothing to lead us near the inn where from left the very first strolls for boat in the Swamp from Poitou, the birth of the tourism maraichin!

We end our route by crossing the village-street of Garette where you will find souvenir and refreshments.

For this stroll, I was provided with my own bike, but numerous renters are present and will rent you the bike which will suit you.

And because it is important that each can take advantage of this protected territory, our reception of Arçais and Niort proposes the rent of a Module Any Path. This third wheel settles in a wheelchair and allows it to cross usually impassable obstacles.


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